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This is Sound Pack 1 of the Music of Bryan Dass. 


In this sound pack you will find the following albums:

1. Dark Abyss -Passage Through The Abyss.

2. Dark Abyss -Moon Abysmal Eye.

3. B.Brain -Cruelty...Insanity And Hatred.

4. B.Brain -For Freedom.

5. B.Brain -Droner (Learning Self Acceptance).

6. B.Brain -Militant Minimal Musick.

7. B.Brain -Yogi Left Society.

8. B.Brain -Hate Within.

9. UgleeFuck -We The Wounded.

10. UgleeFuck -Taste Der Uglee.

11. Moon Dreamer -Full Moon Celebrations.

12. Moon Dreamer -Dance Till Death.

13. Goat Omen -Goat Omen.

14. Goat Omen -Goat Moon.

15. Afterlife -Visions Of Dark Dreamscapes.

16. Afterlife -White Lies & The Eternal Yearning For Happiness.

17. Kreature -AbstraktDemon


Extremely interesting Drone Doom, Funeral Doom, Death Grind, Dark Ambient, Ambient, Noise Dance, Raw Black Metal & Experimental Metal music. All by Bryan Dass. Get it in your music collection NOW!


File size of the ZIP FILE that contains all the albums is around 850 mb.

Sound Pack 1

SKU: 12341
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