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R  E  V  F  R  E  E         I  S         F  O  R         M  A  T  U  R  E         A  U  D  I  E  N  C  E  S         O  N  L  Y 


RevFree is a Comic and Animated Series that is DEEP.

RevFree is my Life Mission.

My name is Bryan Dass & I created RevFree to both Entertain and HELP Society.

It took 10 years for me to write the script & organize everything into it's most effective form.

I am working on the last of the Pre Production now.

The RevFree story revolves around a handful of normal citizens - Young adults - who come into the unfortunate suffering of growing up in society today - facing demons INSIDE as well as HARDSHIPS & Corruption OUTSIDE.

A STORY is an experience and an experience is a VOYAGE into one's own Self - to face the darkness that most of society chooses to romanticize and ignore. By this story being expressed to society - I will have serve my main purpose in life. I must create it to the highest of my ability - I must adorn it with the fairest and BEST of business and marketing. I must ensure it is RAW and not watered down to fit IN anywhere.


Young people are looking for inspiration & do not find it in today's sick world.

The solution to our problems is within our Power.

RevFree is simply a tool to help us all Realize and Fight for that power.

It all comes down to our MIND... 



In a sick society that cares not for personal responsibility,

RevFree stands up.

Heed the Call.

Will you stand up too?



IF      YOU      WANT      TO       FIND      OUT      MORE     ABOUT      ME      -      SEE      THE      'MORE      INFO'      PAGE


RevFree is the story of a few young adults in a country named 'Trinisad', whom face their own inner demons while realizing & fighting the CORRUPTION of the world they live in, mostly led by Monstah, a wealthy businessman hellbent on domination.


Monstah has opened up fast food restaurants all over the country, called Monstah Burgah Restaurants & is even building the BIGGEST building in the world - The Monstah Burgah Mall! But... is it all truly progress?


RevFree follows a successful reporter, Melissa, an aspiring dancer Sita, a famous pop star, Kat, an overworked yet talented digital artist, Abidi and a bullied high schooler, Minster as they struggle to BE REAL in a world built on lies. 



Monstah looks perfect on the outside. He is the best role model and motivational speaker - the most forward thinking leader, full of new insights for what HE calls 'real' progress in society.


He supposedly worked from 'Rags to Riches' and not only opened up one of the world's most successful fast food franchises 'Monstah Burgah Restaurants', but he also initiated the incredible work of building Monstah Burgah MALL, a monument of Trinidad's progress and 'wealth'. It is set to be the BIGGEST building in the Caribbean & possibly even the world! Masses of citizens are so grateful for his putting Trinisad on the MAP! 

With his connections, he has spread his power throughout the realms of Schools (Education), his internationally acclaimed and linked Fast Food outlets (Food), Government, Businesses (Money) & even the Police department of Trinidad (Security). It seems like everywhere one turns, there he is or there is another one of his 'amazing' products such as the Monstah Juice which gives you strength, power and bravery but yet hides some negative side effects.


Abidi, a hard worker from a reasonably well off family is intent on pleasing the world. He has such a beautiful life from the outside looks of it - especially after all his intense sacrifice in his field of being an advertising artist pays off in him 'winning' the 'deal of a lifetime' - a contract to work with Ladder Advertising, where it is ALL about climbing the corporate ladder. Perfect for a workaholic like Abidi!


He is determined to make the most of this opportunity, even if it wrecks his life. Is his genius being utilized positively though? Making ads that brainwash society? And what lays in store for him as Ladder Advertising is now taken over by Monstah? Wrestling with his own misunderstandings about life, he finds himself at odds with his job, his parents and his very way of Life. Depression, Stress, Pain of not being understood and finding that everyone has lied to him - is he marked for an early death? Or will he awaken to his Roots & be a Voice of the People....

With the help of a 'crazy' homeless man, Old Man Joe, he strives to deal with his inner demons, but will he ever break free from the brainwash he grew up in? Either that.... or suicide awaits.


Melissa is the most well RESPECTED young reporter in Trinisad. She loves the truth and is not afraid to find it out by any means necessary. Bold yes, but is her spirit of truth becoming more a curse than a blessing? Especially after Monstah begins taking ownership from the shadows, of the News channel she works at - she finds her self at odds with the reports she is being told to give.

Her own intuition has led her to believe that Monstah isn't all he is being built up to be and because of this, she has dedicated herself to creating a documentary that is sure to OUT him and his supposed evil plans, to the masses. Will she finish this project? A project she isn't being paid for...

Is she even really on to something? Or is she going mad? Troubled by a horrific past, full of toxic family, secret use of her by the Government & unimaginable extremes of sexual abuse, she runs from it constantly as it catches up to her more and more - Will she be able to face those demons inside - and is it that she is a slave to her past rather than a Truther who cares about real progress in her country.


Being a down to earth true Trini Girl is not easy when having to deal with coming from a sketchy past and dire financial challenges. Sita lives on though and still sells her fruits roadside while spending her off time in the CINEMA, adoring her most favorite past time - watching movies and imagining herself as a famous STAR.

Soon enough, Monstah has taken over and monopolized cinemas, now calling it SINEMA's and advertising for young, poverty stricken women to enter a Contest of his - whereby he will do just THAT - turn the winner into a STAR - even possibly as big as his current SUPER STAR, Kat. Sita is so passionate about fulfilling her dreams of fame and glory as she dances her way to that victory.

Will her story be a rags to riches tale of magical enchantment, or will she find things she did not expect which change her outlook? Will she learn not to be so passive and gentle, while still remaining on her purpose? What IS her purpose? Surely, she will have to answer this - which she intends to, but not before dancing and laughing her way to the Bank $!


The MAGNIFICENT! LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! THE ONE AND ONLY - Kitty Kat! The Star sales product (ahem) I mean... sales person of Monstah's franchise. Trinisad's Number 1 Pop Star! The men want to be with her and all the women want to BE HER. She is rich, talented, beautiful, healthy and FAMOUS! What more could a person want?

Kat finds herself living the life everyone dreams of - complete with touring internationally, putting Trinisad on the map INTERNATIONALLY, staying at the most luxurious of hotels and being able to purchase the most expensive things ever! She is constantly performing and spreading 'the truth' that Monstah can change a person's life forever - After all - that is what he did for her!

He took a little girl who had nothing and turned her into something - from Zero to Hero - gave her a chance to shine! Or is this not her Real History? Who is Kat? Who is this most Silent and mysterious character of RevFree? Perhaps there is more to her than meets the eye and this mask of shallowness is not who she is, deep inside...


Frequently being switched to different schools, Minster is usually a loner, without any friends. Too rich to be popular with both the rich and the poor at any school he attends, he is also 'too black, too white, too mixed, too dunce' and most of all, crippled by his shyness and feeling totally abandoned by his parents.

Who are is parents? Why is Minster so hated? Why is a boy who just wants to be himself and create art so forced to be something else? Will Minster survive being groomed to become a Powerful MINISTER in government? A Minister of a country he is groomed to hate...


Can he cope with the tragedies befalling him? Is all that awaits him - a life of being bullied by physically dominant students and being ridiculed for his inability to focus and understand the 'education' being given to him by teachers?

Perhaps a deeper education calls out to this little boy. Will it be the blessing that breaks him from the abuse and brainwash of life or will it be the curse that creates a monster out of this innocent child? Suicide may be his only way out...


The Voice inside all humans' minds. A voice... an initiation - into Pain... A laugh of the sadistic - a cry of the downtrodden - A whimper of the Wounded - The black abyss of Void from which all came and all must go? The Sacred Child within us all that has been brutalized.

The Wounded Child invites you into RevFree. To taste the suffering of humankind, generation after generation - history repeating infinitely - The Child will guide you to see the story in its most Subtle and Subconscious ways. It will show you to see your own Self - A reflection very few humans can stand... A death of sorts only those willing to give their life for, can grasp.

A voice... That's all - Not an addiction, not an insanity, not an obsession...not an unholy worship of divine corruption... just a voice inside us all... which we run from... always... A voice of Horror which only a God can process. Welcome to the Abyss. Welcome to the Horror. Welcome to the death of all you thought was 'Reality' - Open the Gate, Unlock the hidden Universe - Penetrate into a new Dimension. Or give up... and die.


The Watcher watches the degeneration of a nation and world. The watcher has opened his Eye to Truth - be he a rich or poor person. This homeless man - an OLD man named Joe - ancient in his wisdom, yet crazy in his ways... A throw away - a master of no one, yet a guide to any youth willing to understand... 

Perhaps this 'poor' man has riches untold inside? Perhaps this man is just a crazy fucking idiot who should not be trusted and needs to get a goddamn job! A friend or an enemy? Well - ask yourself this: What enemy can he have, when he has made Pain his best friend?

His magick and occult insights seem to be either otherworldly and timeless or completely meaningless and gibberish. Regardless of ALL that,  one thing is for sure - This old man has come to help this group of young adults... WHY? Perhaps because he has seen a chance for a change in society. Perhaps the legend is true and the time has come for Ascension... For the knowledge of Spirit and Universe to welcome certain chosen individuals into its dominion.

I know he has a crooked haunting smile and a smell that makes one cry, but perhaps it is a fact, that he's more than meets the eye :) Perhaps the change society wanted was right there all along and the 4 Basics of independence, all we needed to be STRONG...


There are several of other characters in RevFree that you will see.

Check the comic & animation out to see more.


1. Complete RevFree comic book series Parts 1, 2 & 3.

Advertize Comic Class in it.

2. Complete Music Album (My LAST album ever).

3. Spread it.

Spread the comics, the merch, the comic class & the music all ONLINE,

but also in Live Performances of the music.

4. Complete RevFree 2d animated series seasons 1, 2 & 3.

5. Spread it. 

Possible deal with Distributor. The first ELITE level Animated Series made independently,

ESPECIALLY in the Caribbean - WITH a proper Brand & Business holding it.

Spread the message of Real Change via Inner Psychological Work & 'The 4 Basics of Revolution'.

6. END it all.

All characters designs & essence of back stories are created & owned by Bryan Dass.
Copyright 2022. 

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