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This is Sound Pack 2.


Here you will find the following albums:


1. Dark Abyss -The Dimming Of The Universe.

2. Dark Abyss -Ov Hate.

3. B.Brain -Illuminati's 1 Eye Mini-Album.

4. B.Brain -Shaman.

5. B.Brain -Prison Harmony.

6. B.Brain -True Sound Of Pain.

7. B.Brain -Sleeping Without Crying.

8. B.Brain -The Darkest Of Sound Chapter 1.

9. UgleeFuck -Heavy Uglee.

10. Moon Dreamer -Heavy Dance Brah.

11. Goat Omen -BlakMetalFuture-MiniAlbum.

12. Afterlife -Feelings.

13. Kreature -Make A Decision-MiniAlbum


Experimental music of MANY different genres - all with Bryan's signature touch. ZIP file size is around 618 Mb.










Sound Pack 2

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