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Here is Sound Pack 3 of Bryan's Music.

Bryan Dass.


The albums featured here are:

1. Bryan Dass -TriniMad: Micro Album (Pro Recording).

2. B.Brain -War Noise (Bryan Dass SPECIAL).

3. B.Brain -In Shifting Realities Of Spiritual Evolution.

4. B.Brain -Reality CRUSH.

5. B.Brain -Ritual of Rebirth Void 0.

6. B.Brain -The Heaviest Of Noise.

7. B.Brain -The Darkest Of Sound Chapter 2.

8. Dark Abyss -Ending The Dark Abyss.

9. Moon Dreamer -The Dance To End All Dances.


ONLY the best in heavy music - especially heavy death industrial noise - but also featuring experimental Doom metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Dark Ambient and Dance/Tekno.

Sound Pack 3

SKU: 1234777
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