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TrinEvolve's EDUTAINMENT is divided into

3 sections as follows:






TrinEvolve lecturing a class 2

The only way we can work together is by learning to be PROFESSIONALS together, in our field. Discipline & Honesty are the best teachers of all

and we welcome them as we become more and more efficient as...






Animation, Music and Video are important to today's world and greatly affect today's youth. The business world and all communications run on the hard work of artists' commercial design work. But even with all this, we find our infrastructure lacking, as well as our purposeful specialized employment.

Therefore, it is up to the individual to make his/her own employment,



TrinEvolve lecturing a class 1



Hands on education!

Being independent means building yourself and, if done right, it only allows for MORE TEAMWORK and more understanding of all the roles involved in an artistic production. We are all for more buisnesses, because we know that in honest business, there is no unhealthy competition - only more efficient work.


Therefore, students are given the chance to work on THEIR OWN company from the get-go. By working on their Independent Films and art, students are able to tap not only into the techniques being shared within TrinEvolve, but also into their OWN inner intuition. This means they get to delve into their own personal problems and explore them through the art, through the film creation. It allows a much more constructive USE of their energies and trains what must be the most important 'technique' or 'quality' of all... Problem Solving.


Our nation hungers jobs for proper money and food, but we also tend to forget that we hunger for spiritual food - by way of INSIGHTS so that we can tackle our daily challenges and use Cinema not for escapism but for understanding the human condition.


How art is made is important and often overlooked, but even moreso today, we see a lack of 'WHY' art is made. Therefore, when the classes are completed, we go the extra step and select a student who will take the 'lead' with us and BUILD their own short film together. (See 'Films' Page).


This is how we are rebuilding and creating the Film and Music Industry in our own little way, here in Trinidad. Quality, meaningful films and music, truly tapping the real artists of the country in an open minded but always POSITIVELY DIRECTED manner. We want Trinidad to grow in wealth and health - how far are you willing to go for this? Now is the time. The youth NEEDS to survive. The Leaders need to rise up in the name of real education spread FAIRLY. Character, integrity... Honesty needs to take over. And that all starts with us coming together. Weak, sorry, indisciplined doesnt matter at our current state - We need to support our country as a whole.



Karisa Phillip of Lagoon Animation Studios frequently serves the nation with her 3D classes. Click above to go to their Facebook page and check it out. Their mission is to train 3D artists for the Animation Industy of T&T.

Brett Lewis of Eye Scream Animation Ltd. specializes in architectural design using 3D program, Cinema 4D. Many times, he offers internships for projects at the studio located in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Click above to visit their official website.

PHONE: 1 868 366 0244


ADDR: San Fernando, Trinidad

SKYPE: bryan.dass

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