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R  E  V  F  R  E  E         I  S         F  O  R         M  A  T  U  R  E         A  U  D  I  E  N  C  E  S         O  N  L  Y 


R   E   A   D   Y                TO                E   N   T   E   R                T   H   E                 A   B   Y   S   S

A Deeper Insight into RevFree

Much of the world is meant to be the way it is - but much of the Stupidity in it is due to humans own lack of taking responsibility. Some of the world may learn the life lessons in an easier way but the majority need to BURN... in order to LEARN. Most need the lesson in a hard way. In order to learn and grow, we ALL have to SEE the LIES of society and Process the Pain of it all. In all the toxicity of the Earth, RevFree was made to HELP humans QUESTION things & figure things out for themselves. RevFree just plants seeds but it is the viewer whom has to DO THE WORK. 

 Will we do the work? Will I do the work I need to? To help evolve my Mind? All the praying and spiritual talk and 'love philosophy' may not always be the most helpful thing in that journey. Perhaps it can distract one even from GETTING REAL. There's no Work more worthy of our time than GETTING REAL. I don't mean 'acting up' or reckless immature rebellion.  I'm talking being Honest with Yourself. MAYBE that is humanity's REAL necessity.


Begging government for help may not be the way to true progress either... Who knows? What about hating Government? Does that help?  This so called 'Slave System' we are in... Is it just as much a thing outside of us as it is INSIDE of our own minds? A Self Inflicted Enslavement? RevFree is here to poke fun at all that, while showing some truths which can possibly help society. Perhaps RevFree is a piece of Shit? You be the judge.


This page shows some of the Deeper INSIGHT of RevFree... All I know is I had to make this project. I was tired of being lied to... by parents, schools, governments, tv, radio, movies, songs, friends, churches, temples and even my own mind. I do RevFree for my OWN self fulfillment and the evolution of my own mind. I do it for business and livelihood to EARN my way forward, against all adversity. I'm here to make it the most elite form it can be & handle it PROPERLY. I am on my purpose and I wont lie t myself anymore.

No More Lies...

Revolution of our Outer World &

Evolution of our Inner World...

That's Real Progress

We ALL have to deal with the outer world of society, as well as the inner world of our True Self. The characters of RevFree deal with these very REAL CHALLENGES. I personally believe that any individual whom takes the time & effort to learn Reality about these 2 worlds in effect, automatically progresses the world. It is an Awareness. Action can come more naturally then.


The world is the machine - the Power Structure that we live in, inhabited by liars, cheaters, brainwashed 'robot people' and dominating bullies. Yes there are good people, but by and large there is dark underbelly of society that exists many a time, ignored & forgotten or completely misunderstood by the masses. Good or Bad, Right or Wrong - Brainwashed or Not, everyone has FREE WILL & that WILL is important to understand. A key to our Freedom because maybe it is the key to our Enslavement. 

The Will is our own Responsibility so we must question, learn & support anything that encourages that understanding.

Most of the masses however, do not care and LOVE their brainwashed lives. Whoever you are - I know we are all brainwashed in some ways - about some things - but we have to STRIVE for freedom. No matter what. That's what RevFree is about. Yes there is SUFFERING. But there is also REWARD.


The same way we have a world outside, we have a world INSIDE. Many romanticize it, calling it 'spiritual'. This can easily cause one to enter into places of extrreme delusion, where you actually make matters MUCH worse for yourself. This is why I stick to calling the problem a psychological one - nothing more and nothing less. Will psychiatrists & psychologists truly help? Maybe but the SURE WAY is to do the work yourself - Read and THINK - Problem Solve and stay objective - stay determined. The Holy Books were my LIFE but I later realized for me, that the real help was much more a matter of common sense & critically looking at myself. Never let Spirit & Energy distract you from that.


The Inner world is full of misunderstandings we hold inside... It holds our secrets and emotional wounds. This is our weakness as human beings and the source of our self sabotage. Many a time, WE CHOOSE to be taken advantage of by the toxic people around us. Facing YOUR SELF - frees you to see who you really are and discern between the fake you and the REAL YOU. This is called Shadow-work. This is entering the 'Abyss' which opens you to the sometimes horrific truths which MOST of society are running away from or romanticizing.

We allow ourselves to be Victims when we are caught in the lies of the world and of our own selves. Victimhood, Fear, Lack, Romanticism, Pacifism, Self Defeatism, Irresponsibility, Brainwash, Pseudo-Spiritualism, Self Castration - Addiction - Toxic Love, Codependence, Extreme Denial of Reality - THAT is the inner world we live in which we ALLOW and choose everyday.


Outside in society is no better. We allow crime, corruption, misuse of power, unfair unemployment, poverty, starvation, unhealthy food dominance, family favoritism, rape, murder, religious and racial tribalism, funding of meaningless ad campaigns for bullshit products, funding of horrible wars fought for no other reason than bullying other countries, pollution, economic oppression and exploitation and brainwash by the media and schools. We allow it & even support it UNKNOWINGLY. Yes many a time it gets confusing about what to do, but sometimes the matter is CLEAR yet we are so brainwashed we make the wrong decisions & somehow are surprised by the way society is.


Rehab of the WORLD

IN society we tend to protest all sorts of things, march and picket, debate and complain or just hopelessly cry about the injustice happening. Modern Society needs to go back to BASICS. We just have to SEE the core ROOTS of our problems, rather than focusing on meaningless minor problems and outer details. Our world is wounded but can be rehabilitated.


Society has had many loud mouthed assholes who said they are revolutionary, but if we take the time to STUDY the REAL REVOLUTIONARIES - the real freedom fighters, who deserve to be taught in all schools worldwide, then we will realize they all knew society was a type of POWER STRUCTURE. It is a structure of society in which many people have given up their power to others, many a time without even knowing it. BOTH the so called 'masses' & the so called 'elites' whom are SUPPOSEDLY evil are all in a 'toxic relationship'. Everyone is bullying everyone or crying about everyone else's bullying.

We can study government, Communism, Capitalism, any other isms... learn all the details of World History, law and so much more but in my opinion, the SIMPLE ways of helping 'the world' is by focusing on simple actions that help the COMMUNITY. And this is done by TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for their OWN Basics. I am not saying I've solved the world's problems but I AM saying that this is A solution for a BULK of problems that is WORTH doing.

All the best freedom fighters dealt with these BASICS in some way.

The 4 BASICS are: 


By taking responsibility for these 4 basics, ANYONE from any walk of life, will be helping to REVOLUTIONIZE an entire COMMUNITY. They will be PROGRESSING Society forward. REAL PROGRESS. And if enough people do it, then you realize THE PEOPLE become INDEPENDENT. They stop being such bad victims of the so called bully elites whom are involved in such organizations as the Government, the Police, the CRIMINALS and the large companies with their stores pushing unhealthy consumerism.

WE HAVE THE POWER - we have just forgotten or are too lazy and uncaring to USE IT. It is a LIE to say we don't have that power. We don't have to be extremely smart to be revolutionary. We don't have to become extremely rich or take high positions in government. We can just be OURSELVES and make the changes necessary for a truly BETTER WORLD.


We CHOOSE to give others that power and that is why our communities are completely corrupt, ghetto and beaten down. WE ALLOW Criminals to have their way instead of supporting fighting back for JUSTICE. The Black Panther Party had these 4 basics dealt with - and truly revolutionized their Community (before their own organization became corrupted from the inside). Therefore, I always say the Black Panthers (when they first started) are one of the BEST examples of real revolution of our 4 BASICS. But remember - I don't deal in one race over another. ALL races should be proud of their own race and be able to communicate in respectful ways with the other races. There should be no making Revolution a race issue alone nor pandering to appease any race.

Getting back to the 4 Basics - The 4 basics are ACTION oriented so you don't get bogged down in theory, study, inaction & paralysis of analysis.

Let us discuss the 4 basics in further detail. And remember, this is about 'helping the World' - or rather - DEALING with it in a way that is Problem Solving.





BASIC #1 - Education

When humans are educated with the knowledge of how they are weakening their communities, they will have the CHOICE to stop doing those things. The new generation deserves that choice - whereby they can stop being brainwashed sheep to the powerful entities that seek to control and manipulate mankind - whoever they are! When people, especially children, learn about society's Power Structure, they realize that it thrives on Victim mentality, self-defeatist thinking, pacifist nature and our own ignorance. 

There are different ways to break away from that and build independence.


THE 4 BASICS OF REAL REVOLUTION show people HOW to break away and build the NEW world... Evolved... Improved... in a very NORMAL non-controversial manner. A world where our children grow into being RESPONSIBLE humans and business people who build up the society that is REAL and destroy those parts of society that are fake and corrupt. True education is not just about society and how to relate to it and improve it, but ALSO - how to relate to ONESELF and this is being REAL with oneself. SCHOOLING needs to simply teach the foundations of these things instead of being Brainwash Stations to humanity.


One is greatly handicapped by not having time and proper tools/means to cope with stress. Unhealthy coping mechanisms show our lack of intelligence... Yes it is 'only human' but the extremes of it have no need to be there in society. Drinking, Drugs, Extreme Narcissism, Stealing, Sexual Abuse, Sex and porn Addiction, Unfairly Dominating others - it is all weak behavior which CAN be dealt with, yet we do not DEAL, far less for teaching the new generation how to deal with it.

Educational Institutions have been largely ROMANTICIZED. Many of them just exist to make easy money off of foolish, narcissist and naïve parents. We live in a world where the teachers often do not know the very topics they are teaching and are lazy. School is given huge importance, though it does not give its students important information. Schools have taken the role of parent because parents themselves don't teach their own kids anything valuable so for Schools to NOT teach about Life and Thinking to Solve Problems especially of one's own mind... is a HUGE mistake. Not only are theories and subjects taught that are not very useful in the real world, but often time, having a powerful mentality that Questions statements presented, is seen as criminal activity.


School's education has become a Cult or Religion of sorts. I have also found IN MY FIELD of Art, that infinite lies are fed to the students concerning their employment and the world. So many art related schools are a horrible Parasite in society that need to be LEFT BEHIND. But let us first just understand 'education'. To me, Education is teaching about the 4 Basics yes - but other than the 4 Basics, here is what I view real education as:

1. Education is LEARNING TO BE HONEST. You don't need to SELL OUT OR LIE about everything to 'get through'. What is selling out? Selling out is ANY personal profit you make, at the UNFAIR expense of someone else. It is being a fake - it is persuasion. It is corruption. It is being LAZY and not EARNING your success but rather, lying for it. MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT HONEST. That's a fact. So in a way, society deserves their SUFFERING. But the new generations can change that. Honesty to others is just as important as honesty to oneself and so - one learns to do away with unhealthy Duality thinking and embrace REALITY. Being honest allows you to let go of being duped into playing the Victim. 

2. Education is SEEING THE BIG PICTURE THAT HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. Education is not so much memorizing dates and details so much as it is looking AT THE BIG PICTURE of society and learning TO SEE THAT HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. The News Media reports the SAME shit over and over because it's the same problems facing society with the same solutions. When we look at history, there are MANY people we study whom are not so important as looking at the Revolutionaries - The REAL FREEDOM FIGHTERS.


Warriors such as Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba, Bhagat Singh, Marcus Garvey, the Panthers... and seeing how their basic outlook was the same in dealing with the Power Structure - Yes many a time, they focused on fighting 'Neo Colonialism' but we can apply their actions to today's world to simply rise up from Oppression. Do the people want that? Are the people just TOO LAZY and UNCARING? Maybe so - but at least they should know that REAL education exists and instead of just 'going along with history', you can WAKE UP and organize yourself and others to be empowered. What is today's biggest education? The new generations really just only learn about NONSENSE whore pop rap stars & fake movie/tv personalities instead of real Heroes. I don't mind that people organize for their own wealth & become HEALTHILY SELFISH - go ahead but to just be another OUTLET for BULLSHIT GARBAGE NONSENSE in society and get rich off of it? Does that seem like Progress in the bigger picture or are we just allowing History to Repeat itself over n over n over? Same thing as just complaining. The Cycle of Degeneration will just go on.

3. Education is LEARNING TO KEEP A FAIR OPINION, BUT ALWAYS KEEPING SKEPTICAL OF ALL STORIES/PEOPLE YOU MEET - because it is a reality that most of what comes is either worthless or deception. 90% of society is BULLSHIT so we MUST be Skeptical of everything. I rather a nation of skeptics than a nation of naïve fools. I don't expect people to trust me when I go outside. Trust is to be earned. Education is learning to OBSERVE and CONTEMPLATE and PROBLEM SOLVE any story in front of us (from the News channels, from Bob and Dorothy, from the Schools, from ANYONE) and not only come up with an opinion but learn to keep with it in a world of stress and peer pressure to be a SHEEP like all the rest.


Yes, there is a time to compromise but by and large, most of life is to be lived without compromise once you are making EDUCATED DECISIONS. Most of the sheeple society are trapped in a mentality of TRIBALISM, divided by the Elites of the Power structure, so they can be CONQUERED and not be able to agree and organize on what truly matters for REAL PROGRESS of a nation. You have to understand - in the REAL ROOT of it all, it isn't the elites that are the problem is it? It's US! hahaha - We are forever arguing and fighting over things that don't matter. Vegan vs Meat Eater, Black vs White, Christian vs Muslim, Poor vs Rich, Left vs Right etc... We are often distracted from supporting real change. We SAY that we 'question everything' but do we really?

4. Education is LEARNING TO DISCERN TRUTH FROM LIES, REALITY FROM ILLUSION. We live in a world full of not just complete narcissists but also COVERT NARCS whom are wolves in sheep's wool disguise. We are taught by the weak, lack oriented and codependent society, to be always LOOKING OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES for acceptance, 'love' and TRUST... instead of turning away from all that and LEARNING TO TRUST YOUR TRUE SELF. The Self that isnt BRAINWASHED. This is REAL education which makes a nation strong and full of mature human beings who put an end to their nation's big problems. Whether information comes or does not come from a so called 'nice' person is not important at all - what matters is whether or not that info is Real or Not... True or Not. Learning to discern that is IMPORTANT and will prevent many gullible youths from making very bad decisions.


5. Education is LEARNING TO VOTE RESPONSIBLY: Learning to only vote for politicians that make sense to have in power and learning to REFUSE to vote if it makes no sense to vote. Why encourage non-action / fake progress? Why not just do the job yourself? Why settle for voting for dumb or dumber? What choice is that? Is that good for a country? Courage and Transparency are the makings of a real human being so why not courageously DEMAND transparency & courageously make change to the country you want to see happen? Do it yourself. Look at how the country is modeled and understand that you are a part of allowing that to happen. Education is learning to take responsibility.

6. Education is LEARNING TO HAVE RELATIONSHIPS & SEX RESPONSIBLY: Currently we live in a titillation obsessed society whereby Marketing Advertisers take advantage of us because we allow them to. Look at the bullshit we feed our kids - Look at the horrible mentalities they adopt. We have misunderstood and corrupted what 'sex' is in its basic form. Some have over-analyzed it and put it on a pedestal, worshipping it and others have viewed it as a base animalistic sensual gratification that can be had irresponsibly and by means of deception and abuse. It is frequently used to trick and we therefore build a relationship off of trickery. It is used to SHOW OFF - a sexual conquering of sorts - Some people romanticize it and the religious people demonize it. All of this builds up a lot of mental unhealthiness in society as a whole and it is only being ENCOURAGED by most entertainment media. It FUELS degenerate behavior.

Being Sexually healthy is a MINDSET and it is FREE from obsessing over it as well as of REPRESSING it. It is free of any kind of ABUSE being had in it. I believe sex plays a HUGE ROLE in society and that is always going to be so. It is not a bad thing - but that role can be MUCH MORE POSITIVE than the MOSTLY negative role it is playing now.


RESPONSIBLE DATING needs to be encouraged so that we X out NEEDINESS in mankind - people who are afraid of breaking up are weak minded and oriented to LACK - they are the ones whom are just as bad as people who don't give a flying fuck about others in reality and just cheat on others without care. Needy people usually put a mask of niceness on but behind it are dominating and controlling - be it men or women. Men need to hold sexual power and not let women take advantage just the same as women need to learn this too - BOTH sexes take advantage of one another in today's world, sexually. Meeting, socializing, being CLEAR about one's intentions and boundaries, breaking up - is a part of finding a partner even worth your time in a world where 90% of the people are assholes. Once both parties are HONEST is what matters. MANY families encourage DEGENERATE behavior instead.

We have demonized ALONENESS when it is our base of TRUE STRENGTH. Men and women have put on MASKS to make the world believe they are happy when they are not. We have become a slave to our foolish NEED TO PLEASE others or become so Self Obsessed with base self pleasure that we've lost all purpose and even moral standing. NONE of this is TAUGHT in schools to kids and it is rather Demonized or showed to be 'weird'. Many of us feel LONELY because we have not developed a sensible approach to life yet - we have not done INNER PSYCHOLOGICAL WORK on ourselves yet - Therefore we rush into relationships, we rush into marriage - Parents are the worst - they rush their children into it too, just to show off the child. Marriages and relationships are ROMANTICIZED in society - Being a REAL MAN is not 'marriage and kids' LOL. People look down on divorce and it is said that staying in an unhealthy marriage is better than divorce because it somehow helps the kids.


NO IT DOES NOT - The children always prove that it does not. What it DOES do is teach the children to settle for less, to live a fake life of fake happiness and to develop tendencies of pleasing others at the expense of themselves as they invest in TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS, not healthy ones. MORE ON THIS in INNER SELF teachings are covered after we cover 4 Basics so let us continue with the 4 basics now that you see what I mean by EDUCATION. Let's cover FOOD.

BASIC #2 - Food

Food is the basis of LIFE. When you can FEED YOURSELF, you have no more EXTREME POVERTY in any community. This greatly improves the mentality of the community and therefore, the entire country. The citizens also won't be FORCED to take on horrible Slave labor jobs in order to feed themselves. Being able to EAT should not be denied to ANYONE - since food can be grown by anyone. Not being able to afford food is an enslavement of the highest degree because we MUST be able to FEED OURSELVES. This is a BASIC necessity. Remember though - the masses mostly do NOT care. They WANT the unhealthy food & they want to waste their money on fast food expensive buying out all the time - They dont like creating and cooking their own food so again - in a way they deserve to be where they are right now unfortunately - no?

It should be the NORM for communities and families to have their own garden - even PUBLIC GARDENS full of fruits and vegetables. Even if done in makeshift containers, it makes SENSE. Everyone can put a little time/effort/money toward maintaining a public garden/farm. This helps get ORGANIC, FRESH, HEALTHY food into the community instead of us being bombarded by tons of unhealthy fast food restaurants and BARS everywhere. Many of these places just tear down communities by tearing down the citizen's HEALTH. The more BARS we have the more fucked up we get and yes I fucking despise alcohol but again - we in society LOVE it right? The masses WANT to be drunk as fuck and degenerate.

MOST big name food chains offer very LOW QUALITY food in order to save money and get the most money out of you. Why SUPPORT that? Oh yes because it 'tastes good'? Buying their product encourages them. We can source our meat from farms that care for the animals - we can go there and VISIT the animals even - and should be able to witness the entire process as that meat goes from being an animal to being food for you to consume. This makes sure the production process is healthy and not gross and dirty. It makes sure that the animals are respected in the way that the Native Americans ate their buffalo, not tortured and disrespected. If a person wants to be Vegan, by all means do it but don't enforce it on everyone. I believe in QUALITY meat being consumed by many - not everyone (because MOST of society is so meat obsessed they can actually USE time off meat), but MOST people.


In the same way we check on our meat, we should be able to check out and see for ourselves the fruits and veggies and how they are prepared, so that we KNOW there are no gross pesticides being used, that only kills us - the consumer! We are so used to accepting that restaurants don't need to tell us where they source their food from and this is a tragedy - WE ALLOW them to act this way and even PAY THEM to act this way! Get in touch with the farmers and FUND THEM DIRECTLY. Become a farmer if you can & want.

Currently, healthy food is made quite unavailable and healthy products are made to be quite expensive. Let us learn about a natural diet as well as SUPPORT food businesses locally who can feed us that healthy diet. It is no wonder we are so unhealthy in our older age especially. YES, some of it cannot be helped but can't we put a little effort in, by adopting REAL health and stop over reliance on the Medical Industry? ALSO with them, we rly on the FAKE FITNESS INDUSTRY to build our FAKE HEALTH.


A fake fitness industry that is connected to FAKE DIETS - where eating 'Raw and Natural' is taken to an extreme - ROMANTICIZED and YES this is indeed coming from me - whom was a strict vegan for 10 years. Being vegan and vegetarian is okay but taking it to some crazy extremes and DEMONIZING the eating of meat is not for the best - That does not push our world into real progress at all. I follow a mostly vegetarian diet but I DO EAT MEAT when I feel the need. It is healthy.


Even eating so called unhealthy food once in a while is NORMAL and okay yes I understand that - It is EXPECTED, but the extreme brutality of it being the only thing made available and it being advertised SO aggressively to where it is practically SHOVED down our throats is a CRIME. They are FEEDING US CANCER and we LOVE it. FOOD is supposed to be our medicine NOT our POISON. The FOOD industry is such shit and it FEEDS US to the PHARMACY INDUSTRY (Big Pharma). We make uneducated choices based on their lies - all in the name of HEALTH.


Trinidad is a country OVERRUN by bar after bar after bar on EVERY CORNER and as seen on a worldwide scale, especially in USA, the Power Structure targets all poverty stricken places to make sure these bars show up in HUGE amounts. They have understood that it is so easy to affect the mentality of people by making them prone to drinking. We can do a great job by lifting our support of such establishments - I am not saying you should NEVER DRINK alcohol - that again, is foolish to even EXPECT here in the real world but we have a HUGE ways we can STEP BACK from it. I wont talk much on it but WEED romanticizing is the SAME shit. 


We must stop alcohol and drugs from controlling us - Why not stop building a world full of alcohol for our youth to grow up in - a world where it is advertised even on huge billboards right next to schools and right during news broadcasts on TV. What a piece of shit country that is.

When it comes to health - We all deserve to be healthy - yet we have a corrupted view of what HEALTHY even looks like nowadays thanks to the fitness industry (or what it became). I want big muscles just like any other male but our young men jave been DUPED by countless companies to buy GARBAGE products that make all the biggest promises on building those muscles... yet in reality, DESTROY their Internal Organs. 

Men and women building muscle and getting bigger is GREAT if they want that - sure - we all deserve to EAT WELL AND EXERCISE WELL AND BUILD OUR BODIES WELL - but what is happening is today we build FAKE HEALTH - based on outside looks, while ignoring the actual inner health of the body - Again - REAL health and REAL food is not only not known but many a time, even hated. Whether a bit skinny or a bit chubby, ALL THAT IS GOOD once you are actually HEALTHY. We don't care though - so we overdo MAKEUP and plastic surgery and dumb fasts and I can go on but will not. Let's MOVE on from FOOD now, to MONEY -

BASIC #3 - Money

Money is definitely a big MOVER in the physical world. There is great power in it, yet many a time we forget the Responsibility that comes with that power. When you take control of the MONEY FLOW in your community, it starts WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE instead of AGAINST THEM. Too many people are hateful of money and yet still, too many people see it as their god and a means of just staying in ignorant bliss as a means of denying the corruption many of them are involved with. Let's have a healthy and balanced view on money. Industry was not meant to oppress us at all and there is NO CHANCE for Economic Oppression when we understand not only that YOUR DOLLAR IS YOUR POWER but also that it is just as important how you spend as it is, how you choose NOT to spend.

YOU have the power to FINANCIALLY SUPPORT WHOEVER YOU CHOOSE. You don't need to support entities that are unhealthy for the community. Entities such as businesses that SAP the members of the Community of their money without doing anything truly constructive to build that community. I'm not just talking about taking away your DOLLAR POWER from 'elites' - I'm saying even just do it on a normal lower level - the businesses right around you. The 'businesses' in your community. INSTEAD of being taken advantage of (purchasing irresponsibly) we can exercise our intelligence and UTILIZE our money to support and push LOCAL businesses. Honest businesses - even if they are much SMALLER. We romanticize many companies by thinking they are good just because they say so or have huge amounts of money to convince you that they are good via huge marketing.

Your SAVING is just as important as your spending. If you are frivolous with your spending then you deserve to be economically oppressed and depressed. Practicing responsible spending and saving not only improves your own life but your entire community - YOU PLAY THE PART OF FUNDING AND BUILDING YOUR COMMUNITY instead of relying on other entities like the Government and Big HUGE companies for help. Always ask yourself - Are they helping? Or are they SAPPING? Why not help YOURSELF?


Much of this is the same advice given by Malcolm X which he called black economics. I do not call it that. It is for ALL races and ALL people to practice responsible spending & really LOOK CLOSELY at whom they are supporting. It is simply proper use of economics - no matter what the race - but the Oppressed must learn it. After all, we ARE looked at as CONSUMER PIGS - and guess what? We ARE! Haha - You know it and I know it - Most of the masses spend their money on all kinds of useless stuff - and they spend so much! Blind, Naïve, following SHEEP who are obsessed with spending as instructed to by the world's Media and its advertising ALL around us. We often spend money on absolutely unneeded things which is such a waste of our own power, WHILE we empower those who live to oppress others. 

And please know - I am not saying to be some poverty stricken priest living in a hut - I am saying balance out. Enjoy your work and your earning and SPEND BIG IF YOU CAN but if you cannot, then please do not. And when you SPEND BIG - why not spend in a way that not only benefits you but also doesnt tear down the world? Those who work for big money DESERVE it and DESERVE the right to spend it on what they want, for the most part - but why spend it on such bullshit!? Look at how much the world SPENDS on alcohol, drugs and PORN and Prostitutes of all kinds. Look at how people pay big money to women just to sell them their farts and bath water (YES this happens!) - 


We feed many corrupt companies, whom then laugh at our slave labor life... while they live far beyond even really working (though they always say they are the hardest workers and self made people - Philanthropists who do TONS of charity). We need to be AWARE of these liars - And understand that many a time, it is in fact the ones doing the MOST charity whom are actually abusing the Community the most and INVOLVED in the most corrupt transactions. We must STOP romanticizing or demonizing the rich - The way we worship CELEBRITIES is unreal - Are they 'gods'?  Instead we should see rich and poor, celebrity & homeless man as HUMANS and judge their actions with  skepticism. Healthy DOUBT is good. It is so easy to be tempted by money, the same way Faith Healers tempt you by their so called miracles. Our Communities are weak and pay the price for that weakness.

If big corporations aren't supporting your community - why support them? I understand once in a while, (i buy things just like anyone else from so called big companies - that's NORMAL), but to push so much money their way is practically murdering your community... To invest in them and actually LOOK DOWN on local product - just because it is local is destructive to a Community's Power.

Independent Local businesses whom are honest and provide good service need to be appreciated and supported. I honestly believe that it is the BUSINESS PEOPLE who will play a HUGE ROLE, if not the BIGGEST ROLE in revolutionizing the world and on the smaller a community. They carry a lot of REAL POWER - not just because of their money - but because of their understanding of the FLOW of it - and the necessity of businesses being straight forward (not romanticizing anything) as well as providing high quality product/service. Not only this, but it is BUSINESS that invigorates EMPLOYMENT - True job opportunities that provide HONEST PAY for HONEST WORK. Fair is Fair. These are the independent type of citizens who will resist temptation and REJECT selling out to big businesses who destroy that honesty. These are the type of citizens who will ENJOY HEALTHY COMPETITION instead of a dog eat dog philosophy.

I do not talk about Capitalism and Communism etc - We need a healthy, responsible usage of our money - End of story.

Most importantly, these are the type of citizens who will not romanticize Entrepreneurism, but rather, become the REAL version of that, instead of the FAKE ENTREPRENEUR that is SOooo incredibly popular nowadays. Nearly EVERYONE is a fake entrepreneur who is not really making the sacrifices and is not truly independent, in that they are usually secretly just relying on one big client and have nothing else coming in. They are more like employees than entrepreneurs - and again, nothing wrong in being an employee - but don't call yourself an entrepreneur. I have spoken to countless of these types whom LIE about how much the business is bringing in. Why? These are people with normal full time jobs and their so called 'entrepreneurism' is just a hobby thing they do on the side, once in a while. They do NOT rely on it whatsoever. How entrepreneurial! How sacrificing! All that money and all that showing off - and no real work to back it up.

Moving on, taking control of MONEY in the community means embracing other means of transfer of product and service from one person to the other. YES, our prime mode of that transfer is via MONEY... but we need not ONLY rely on money to be able to DO BUSINESS. We can exercise the 'I scratch your back, you scratch mine' MUCH MORE in society. This means - I can do a service for you if you do a service for me - we BOTH get something out of it - even though no money is changing hands. I can provide some service you need and you can pay me in a certain product I NEED. Why is this 'bartering system' of trading goods/services so important?

Because this invigorates PRODUCTIVITY. This means we will have MORE OPPORTUNITY to work together and utilize one another - PRODUCTIVELY. It will give opportunity to POORER people to AFFORD MORE and get more done - it INCREASES the VALUE of the service/product that the poor person HAS because now they can utilize it much more dynamically. See? Now our EFFORT which is our most important asset - our time and energy, becomes a VALUABLE thing which can be UTILIZED much more efficiently. We LIVE more productively. MONEY needs to not be our 'only' form of VALUE - and remember - I am NOT against Money - Money is Great - but it needn't be the ONLY means of exchange. Let's get more imaginative and dynamic about it!

Our society does not even TEACH about money truly, which is so sad. Many are not taught what it is & how to use it. Schools are worthless in this regard it seems. Business ethics, proper marketing and pricing are not valued in today's world. No wonder we are so fucked up! That's why businesses rely on TRICKERY instead of powerful communication of POWERFUL product/service. Do you see what is making money? The GARBAGE product/services out there? And it's always because they TRICKED people into buying then ran away with their money. Sell outs parade around calling themselves Entrepreneurs as they ROB people and make big money. Look at 99% of the 'get rich' courses online and courses from across ANY field - there's a lot of garbage about it online.

TRANSPARENCY is LOST in today's world mostly because so many have SO MUCH to hide... and WE the People ALLOW IT. WE can take a stand for OUR OWN selves & BE transparent where it makes sense to be & also support those whom are of good ethics. You dont need religion to decide that. Make your voice be heard about unjust usage of TAX MONEY by the Government yes, but do YOUR PART in any money coming or going from YOUR HANDS. This is your SUPER POWER. Use it... Dont abuse it. I'm not talking about going out & showing off how you fund some big community 'thing' - I'm saying to be constructive with your buying, not destructive. I've seen so many people WASTE their money out on trash - If everyone stopped that, then society would be MUCH more independent and powerful but are we responsible enough to deserve that power? ENFORCING and DEMANDING transparency scares away corruption. WE tolerate corruption then complain about it... like IDIOTS. WE FUND the very Corruption we complain about. 

BASIC #4 - Security

Security is the MOST important basic in MY opinion, & most are surprised when I say this. But come on - let's be real. If you aren't physically safe, then your EDUCATION, FOOD and MONEY will be in danger and can be taken at ANY TIME from you. SIMPLE as that! Now let's look around us. The biggest problem seems to be CRIME. Crime is not a new problem - yet we have not even DEALT with it effectively yet! Up to now!? Is it so hard? We have not taken RESPONSIBILITY for our innocent citizen's safety. We have ALLOWED criminals to conquer us because we are so scared or selfish. HELL, we practically FUND them by pouring our money into movies and music entertainment that ROMANTICIZES criminality and makes heroes out of bad boys/girls.

It is so absurd that it is FUNNY, how we complain about rape and lawlessness when we are the ones who allow it. We encourage it. So - HOW exactly do you take control of SECURITY in a Community? Simple... Make it known you actually care. That's it... Just LOOK OUT for people - innocent people - and don't be afraid to help. Sometimes it isn't the right choice to help, I know - I've tried to help some codependent women that would kill anyone standing in the way of their abusive boyfriend. They LOVE that toxicity and THEY can have it. But there are many occasions where an innocent wants help, deserve it and should get it. The MOST effective means of SHOWING you care and taking responsibility for a Community's safety is by setting the example that you aren't afraid to DEAL with the problem of crime. And I believe that is best done by doing COMMUNITY PATROL.


COMMUNITY PATROL, with or without weapons, is a simple ACT that strikes fear and doubt into ANY criminal and definitely discourages them from committing crimes especially those of harassing and kidnapping women and children. A criminal will only act if the surrounding agrees and allows that action. But if our environment is WILLFULLY looking for that criminal and not afraid to stand up to them - then the chances of crime are lessened exponentially. I used to do Night Patrol in dangerous areas BY MYSELF yes and had experiences yes - but do I do it anymore? No and that's because I realized my purpose is to spread the awareness of what is possible AND be caring during the normal times I am outside. It is EVERYONE's own CHOICE of what harm to put themselves in front of and what harm to NOT go in front of. Perhaps as a man in my 20's I did those dangerous streets yes, but it doesnt mean I have to d it today. My purpose is to spread info and watch humanity either take heed or not. I am a spreader of useful info and have chosen that path FULLY, X'ing out things like Night Patrol. I think there is a PLACE for night patrol in society but what means SO much MORE is the CARING aspect. Patrolling during the day is the same as living your normal life in the daytime, BUT CARING and not being afraid to stop evil when you see it. Stand up for SECURITY in the REAL world of the NOW.

As for the Community - When we give up our power to look over our neighborhood, we then RELY co-dependently on the POLICE - of COURSE our society is going to be filled with crime! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT? When you rely on an entity such as the police, who COME AFTER a crime is committed (sometimes WAY after), of course people are going to commit crimes! Again - POLICE are a BLESSING but why not WORK WITH THEM - why not take responsibility - Even just for your OWN safety. 

Our young men can exercise responsibility and make use of their aggression by simply walking and actively being on the alert for any UNJUST and criminal behavior. PREVENTION is the best medicine - so why not PREVENT crime, rather than only dealing with it when it happens? Why are men trying to act tough and putting on big muscles, wearing intimidating tattoos, yet they aren't even manly enough to discuss Patrol, far less for actually DOING IT. I have seen the biggest showoffs reduced to NOTHING just because of their own fear of the street. How weak a society we live in. Every badboy wants to exclaim they are so gangster and street! Yet they don't even know how to be there!? - And I know of RICH communities that HATE on people for suggesting there be a security guard on a street, or a neighborhood watch patrolling vehicle. Why? You dont want to pay for that and you have SO much money? Hilarious isnt it? I've seen these same people DEMONIZING GUN ownership by law abiding citizens... - again making it clear that they WANT crimes to always be on the rise.

Now I know we cannot prevent people hiding in homes from committing crimes yet - only because we don't have proper laws and TRANSPARENCY to help such victims. But the least we can do is SET THE TONE by patrolling public places or even just taking some kind of effort to watch out for people around us.


Ok - here is a big thing that helps take CONTROL of the SECURITY of the COMMUNITY. We can build REAL safe houses (not the fake ones) - that act as a place of safety and ESCAPE for abused individuals who are economically tied/enslaved to their households. Yes this usually means WOMEN and CHILDREN. YOU as citizens can take care of that, FULLY. You dont need Government or Police to do that, but yes they can help. You know what people do when this stuff is mentioned? They laugh at it. So in effect, they are laughing at all the abused people they COULD have saved right? I have a LOVE for humanity yes but I balance that with a VERY HEALTHY HATRED of them as well. Look at how they will cling to Degeneracy FOREVER - A part of me is SMART to give up on them and simply do a cartoon that will open their eyes up to what is possible and PLANT that seed so one day it will happen. 


We don't even realize how criminal many if not MOST parents are... parents in the richest and biggest of houses - abusing their kids EMOTIONALLY and physically and many a time, sexually. We underestimate the power of demanding transparency. But will rich parents allow that? Hell no - because they have so much to hide. By simply having a Community Consciousness, whereby kids are allowed to speak their mind - and are not shunned nor blackmailed - we can easily prevent abuse that breaks and wounds so many kids. In a REAL community, yes we all have our privacy, but we also are not afraid to speak about whether or not ABUSE is happening in ANY community member's HOME. It's not about shame and blame - it's about JUSTICE. Didn't it take a village to raise a child? So many parents have NO CLUE how to raise a child - keep that in mind. WE can help them. And I am not here to think that all kids are angels. HELL NO.


Many are the worst of degenerates whom I would ignore 100% - Many grow into adults whom play the victim and themselves lie and cheat and steal and just spread negativity everywhere - living off of others - BUT! - Even though that is so - there are OTHER kids out there whom are so innocent and DESERVE help. We can make our way to that Transparency - but it has to start with CARING (not a lot just a LITTLE)- and supporting a REAL Safe House. MOST Safe Houses are already TAKEN OVER by EVIL people whom use it as a means of collecting desperate women and kids to FURTHER abuse them. Why not make OUR OWN? THIS will help humanity SO much more than you can understand.

Let's define what Security IS, in my opinion:


1. LOOKING OUT for your fellow citizens. Without community patrol, we are telling criminals to commit crimes. We are showing everyone we do NOT CARE about the physical safety of our children, our families, our elders. Just as the Guardian Angels and Black Panthers, we need to simply walk around in day AND, for those whom are up for it- even do so in night to give our nation SAFETY. This is NOT some romanticized dangerous immature vigilantism. This is called taking responsibility for the country you live in, instead of being lazy and blaming government and police for all your problems, while complaining about the extreme crime. You are not patrolling to prove heroism, you are patrolling to help people. You can even do this and CALL POLICE upon seeing trouble, instead of handling it yourself, if you choose to handle it that way. - Just never forget that PROTECTING US is OUR JOB first and foremost and Police can HELP because that is their job - to HELP but WE have to take responsibility FIRST for us!

2. ARMING YOURSELF - with self defense knowledge as well as with the mentality of a warrior. You don't need to have GUNS or weaponry BUT it is VERY GOOD to have allocated RESPONSIBLE specially chosen individuals with that right to walk with arms. Read carefully - I'm not saying everyone needs to go get guns. I'm saying RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE SHOULD have them and put them to use in PATROL. They must be well deserving of it and act as Community Police because we should NEVER rely on police alone for our protection. I am not saying we need MORE GUNS or LESS GUNS. I AM saying that we can use the invention of the gun for GOOD - which again, is NORMAL - after all - that's what we gave the POLICE! But how is that working out? Not so good right?


I know MANY police are working HARD & I LOVE THEM for that. They are putting their lives on the line DAILY. They deserve OUR HELP and WE deserve to start doing for OURSELVES if we want to REALLY X out Crime in a BIG WAY. If proper weaponry in SMALL AMOUNTS is put into the right people's hands - decided so by a responsible Community, then obviously - less crime will take place. And we can ALL be happier. Dont we WANT a safer country?

3. PROTECTION OF LAND RIGHTS - You must protect your land. No Government or big company must be allowed to bully ANYONE off of their land. You'd be surprised how much this happens especially to poorer villages. We are allowing CITY LIFE to dominate and abuse and kill off our VILLAGE LIFE. This is why I made the documentary 'Forward Never, Backward Ever'. Without Land, there is no possibility of real FREEDOM - because you NEED physical SPACE to exist in. As simple as that point is, we are fighting for all kinds of meaningless rights - when this is the main right to have and yet we really don't - so we as a country are not even Independent - we just like to romanticize and be FOOLISHLY PATRIOTIC to stroke our ego. INNOCENTS have gotten their land stolen and destroyed by BIG companies who came to build bullshit there. No one cared because they were 'country people'. You dont care until it happens to YOU. You see I have a very detached outlook because I KNOW so many do not really care nor ever will care about the country - but I also know SOME change will be possible & THAT is valuable as can be. All these so called 'PROUD TO BE TRINI' 'TRINI TO D BONE' people just want to wave a flag or put it on their car but do they even care about REAL matters? Nope they want instead something nice to eat.

4. ZERO TOLERANCE of CRIMINALS. We are far too easy on them. No wonder they feel they can and DO run the streets and the country in a way. Nowadays, weak victim mentality oriented people parade as 'do gooders' - say they will pray away the problems - they testify and protest but most importantly, they vilify and demonize Violence and are actually telling people it is wrong to enforce strong measures of Self Defense. They are castrating our Community with their weak talk. 'Violence' isn't even what to discuss but rather, proper physical boundaries being put into place to make a SAFE society. Proper measures being taken to DEAL with criminals - Again - Government and Police can play a role in all this but WE the PEOPLE were meant to be the ones REALLY in charge - making big decisions but are we DISCIPLINED or CARING enough to do so? Nope. People want to FIGHT each other and play victim and be miserable or just not care while they drink drink drink and party. Is that going to make a healthy, strong, STABLE nation? Nope. So do we deserve that? I wonder...

JUST REMEMBER - without SECURITY, all the other basics are meaningless - Without security, criminals and corrupt entities can do what they want with you. What good is Education and Food and Money if you are DEAD....? They can come and even take your land - whereby you have No PLACE to have education or food or money. Just THINK. I made this cartoon and comic to plant THESE SEEDS in society - it is common sense and common sense ain't common at all but EVERY human has the potential to GRASP it - if they care. This is why I am much more about taking a very distanced position with humanity and asking them to just question and THINK and if possible - to CARE - because I see that THAT is what I am BEST FIT to do - especially as an Artist AND businessman. And you better believe me being a businessman is AS important as me being an ARTIST. In the greater scheme of things - the BIG picture - I know my purpose. Some can say it is to passive because I am not trying to form GROUPS but rather trying to educate INDIVIDUALS in a way that allows THEM to learn the lessons THEMSELVES. Some can say I am too aggressive because I am just a cartoon artist whom think he can speak on 'important' topics he knows nothing about. 

All I know is there's only POSITIVE to come out of what I'm saying so that's why I say it and I dont even go speaking about it so boldly like before - Why? Because I realize that it is the SUBTLE way it is SHOWN (not taught but SHOWN) in RevFree, that will have the EFFECT that I MOST WANT. That result is what I look forward to. As an Artist - as a successful Businessman - and as a person who DOES care somewhat for society - A person who was LUCKY enough to be blessed by MANY writings of many Freedom Fighters flowing into me in my 20's.

I'm not super intellectual nor am I the boldest leader of some group. But I came to peace with the MARK I want to leave on this world - and the PROBLEM SOLVING I offered. It is SIMPLE - it doesnt 'solve everything' but you bet your ASS it HELPS society's MAIN problems to be solved in a VERY BIG WAY.

Think about the Children. 

This was primarily for them.

OK - That covers the Revolution of OUTSIDE,

But now it is time for the EVOLUTION INSIDE.

The 4 Basics of Real Revolution/Independence took care of society,

But what about the SELF?

THIS comes with INNER PSYCHOLOGICAL 'Shadow' Work.

You want to rehab society?

Don't forget to rehab YOURSELF.


Rehab of the Self

Some call it healing the Inner Child, others call it facing your self - the deep dark wounds and misunderstandings about yourself that keep you from BEING your best self in this lifetime. Face the things that keep you from having the HEALTHIEST MIND in this lifetime. You can't BE what you don't KNOW and you cannot KNOW until you SEEK that truth out, inside your own mind. It is REHAB. It is SELF HELP. It is holding a mirror up and looking deeply at what you see. It is taking responsibility for YOU. It is Maturing and BECOMING a fully Integrated human being.... It is FREEDOM and what it means to truly be an ADULT. It is important to be free inside ourselves, not just outside in the world. 

But do we deserve it? Only if we put in the WORK.

I believe the first step to true 'healing' and 'empowerment' is ADMITTING you need help.


Just like coming off of any addiction, you must admit it's there THEN and only then, can the process begin of dealing with it. After admitting to it, the second step is seeking that help out. You can utilize books, teachers and the help of many religions and philosophies - but you must seek within. This means DOING THE WORK - the INNER WORK as it is referred to in today's society. ADMITTING you need help takes humility and that opens the door to YOU HELPING YOURSELF. This is because if you depend on others, you are giving up your Power. The CURSE was a blessing.


FACE your shadow. THAT takes TRUE heart and toughness -not a romanticized approach to spiritual progress which keeps one in a DAZED STATE of ignorance - many a time, a weakened state of lies - imprisoned in fake smiles, fake prayers, fake meditation, fake yoga, fake morals... It is a high form of effective DENIAL to enter into 'pseudo spirituality' (also known as 'Spiritual Bypassing'). It is a running away from problems into a state of Complex Delusion. At odds with this, it takes real COURAGE to do shadow work - and actually FREE yourself by separating yourself from your wounds instead of spending your WHOLE LIFE 'working on the wounds' in a way that does NOT allow you freedom but rather keeps you enslaved to them.... Many spiritual people play the victim and keep themselves down and weak, by constantly 'picking' at their wounds - studying it is good yes, but analyzing it over and over and staying down in it is negative. Crying about it is not going to solve it nor learn the lesson of it. Acting that way prevents you from LIVING LIFE. Crying HAS ITS PLACE, but to go to the extreme and romanticize it as a regular thing forever being normal - That is very unhealthy. We must therefore learn how to GO INWARD - do the work - and become our TRUE SELVES - instead of ignoring it.

This is why I say it is BEST to see it just as a Psychological thing. Yes you FEEL your feelings but it is a gigantic puzzle usually, that you are solving. You are FIGURING yourself out and UNTYING KNOTS, one belief at a time - one thought at a time. It ISNT some out of the ordinary thing at the core. Yes - there is some spirituality that can be healthy sure - but don't let it distract you from taking the action you need to - reading the books that you need to - figuring the things out that you need to.

You can tell if the REAL WORK is being done, by your BELIEFS and more importantly, by your ROMANTICISM of things here on earth and IN YOURSELF. HOPELESS romantics are HOPELESS because they refuse OBJECTIVE REALITY and therefore cannot FUNCTION in society effectively. They rely fully on SUBJECTIVE made up 'reality'. This is controversial. All the spirituals LOVE that. All the religionists LOVE that. And I respect their choice to be in that mentality but I honor my choice to NOT be there - and to be instead as much as possible in the place of OBJECTIVE REALITY. 


It takes True Discipline to do that. It means breaking a lot of beliefs and 'bonds' you LOVED so much. It is like a healthy heartbreak that makes you STRONGER in the end but is TOUGH to go through. Society doesn't encourage enough TRUE inner work because it is so harsh to decide what is healthy and unhealthy - what is right and wrong - It is not something humanity will readily agree on and guess what? I am at peace with that. Just make sure to understand that ALL addictions come from an unhealthy belief within, that you are following - Something that HAS NOT BEEN WORKED OUT inside - It is WORK that needs to be done. 

We don't ENCOURAGE this inner work in schools yet it is of MUCH MORE importance THAN ALL the other subjects we can teach about. It is the BASIS of our life experience. Instead we teach foolish immature and hypocritical modes of thinking, USUALLY connected to religion. Now again - Religion has its positives and unfortunately, it is the abuse of it that I see the MAJORITY inside of - as it strengthens many very unhealthy belief systems. This doesnt mean that ALL people involved in religion are really badly off. Religion or not, it is the MIND that matters and that's why I choose to focus on the BELIEFS involved. Are we romanticizing things - seeing things BETTER than they actually are in objective reality? And are we DEMONIZING things - seeing some things WORSE than they actually are in reality.

Our inner romanticism causes us to FALL to trickery - we are conformable LYING TO OURSELVES so we become comfortable with the LIES OF SOCIETY. We become ANTI-SOCIETY or ANTI-LIFE even (!) - We become slaves to our own self willed weakness as we OPPOSE things that are HEALTHY and ACCEPT things that are UNHEALTHY. OUR WOUNDS EXPRESS THEMSELVES IN OUR VARIOUS WAYS OF SELF SABOTAGE - Our life decisions - our addictions - our so called 'failures'. WE MUST FEEL INTO OUR PAIN as we turn the PAIN INTO POWER. But we must not become pseudo spiritual 'pain addicts' who romanticize that pain. We must truly CHOOSE to empower ourselves and not just talk about it.

The body must be stretched and exercised and in the same way, our minds must be as well. I am all for Meditation, Yoga, Self Reflection and reading of books that deal with the topics we know are causing us problems. Some need to study Codependence. Some need to study addiction to porn or gambling or drinking - Whatever it is - it is WORK that is calling you.


Taking time - Listening within - taking time to understand ourselves helps us to become 'SELF AWARE' and then and only THEN can we be ourselves in the world where NEARLY EVERYONE has an agenda and an opinion which YOU will have to separate yourself from in order to see EVERYONE for who they are. You see? This is called having Healthy Boundaries with people - It takes true confidence to have that and that is BUILT by doing the work inside many a time... - which then shows you what ACTIONS you need to do on the outside, to truly be FREE of your weak traits in the mind. I could study talking to women and yes that HAS ITS PLACE but until I get brave and talk to women, I won't truly OVERCOME a fear of talking to women see?


TRUE Inner Work frees one from becoming weak and bullied. Even if you are bullied in a way you cannot prevent, your MIND will be beyond the bullying, not because you are some spiritual yogi but simply because you TRULY are so TOUGH. It's easy to SAY we are tough like that but to actually BE IT, is another story.


If one wants, they can study religion - Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism and even so called Satanism - but one must never be limited and pinned down by that study. Even our FAMILIES become our religions - our brainwashers - whom we cling to, afraid to be a BLACK SHEEP whom truly thinks for themselves.

The CULT of 'family' is something I am 100% against. Love your family yes - respect them - but do not become a member of their cult if they are indeed that and house in themselves, VERY unhealthy mind-sets. I am NOT my family - they are 100% separate from me and that is why I am FREE. My LIFE has been spent in attaining that psychological freedom and though a good bit of it is done - THERE IS STILL WORK TO BE DONE and I do it gladly because I see it DEFINES me, instead of me sticking with the very unhealthy things my family defined me to be.

We grow up in a society that ROMANTICIZES FAMILY LIFE - We are afraid to draw boundaries with family - we treat family better than others for NO REASON - we GIVE AWAY our power of SELF to our family because we WRONGLY think we owe them EVERYTHING. We ALLOW disrespect from Family & we ENABLE bad behavior, encouraging it.


I know this doesnt count for ALL families but for the ones whom come from a similar disposition as myself, they will UNDERSTAND my words. We castrate ourselves in order to gain the attention, affection and most of all - APPROVAL of our family even. This is what is usually at the center of MOST people's wounds of childhood. And a person who lives for the approval of their family, becomes a person who lives for the approval of ANYONE OUT THERE IN SOCIETY so OF COURSE - they will be WEAK, they will be TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. We rather lie to ourselves and say "all is well - all is okay" - and fill our minds with a delusion of bliss - rather than seeing the truth of the TOXICITY of humans - be it family, friend, WHOEVER!


The wounded child inside is our prime reason for self sabotage and addiction. But that wounded child is OUR responsibility and no one saying 'sorry' is going to set us free. The victim in his/her weak mentality AWAITS sorries from the world and suffers in their own self inflicted agony while waiting. They have put their destiny in OTHERS hands. They may 'want' freedom in some conscious way but TRULY at their core, they do not. They do NOT want freedom and so will they get it? You tell me. I don't think so.


The world is full of rape and we are all raped by society in a way and YES, there is a place for forgiveness but that is simply being GRATEFUL for the lessons learned from that 'rape'. It is NOT about being grateful for that rape. Never. It is about TAKING a bad thing and making GOOD from it. Becoming STRONGER. That is the opposite of what MOST pseudo spiritual, passive aggressive, drug addicted hippie people do. And that is unfortunate. In fact, they HATE becoming truly stronger and more mature, so have gone to the other extreme - being super passive aggressive and treating that as 'strength' they are so proud of. Isnt that twisted? But that is what I've witnessed in person in SUCH a deep way it used to scare me for years because I cannot believe people can get to that mindset - ALL from just not doing the Inner Work. And they will despise you for speaking ANY of what I'm talking about here. I've seen it very harshly in my own family.


The narcissist loves you when you are weak and happen to be polite and 'nice'. They hate you when you have righteous Hate and Hate is (as you can see from my music) probably the MOST IMPORTANT emotion to me. From it, comes RAGE that is used to form COURAGE that pushes you to solve your problems in your mind and in your life on the outside - STANDING up TO your weak self and BUILDING UP your STRONG SELF. Hate is there to be used, not abused - but narcissists will do any means necessary to rob you of your energy there - because they seek to keep you disempowered.

Follow them and their wants... and you will remain their slave forever.


But if you work on your inner wounds, you will FREE yourself once and for all - and always oppose what you need to oppose, no matter how anyone shames you, berates you, argues with you, fights you, insults you and even bullies or intimidates and blackmails you. Your DETERMINATION will always remain STRONG and FIREY because you build the beliefs that keep that fire burning. What kills that fire? The Wounds.


What are our wounds? Look at the characters of RevFree - look how sexual trauma, rape, workaholism, alcoholism, perfectionism, self degradation, laziness, co-dependency and LACK mentality all corrupt them. These are all wounds & in a way one can see them as 'mental addictions' - addictions to bad mentalities. YOU are not your addiction and once you can make that separation, you allow yourself to make a HEALTHY SEPARATION from ALL PEOPLE - ALL HUMANITY - and Most of all - ALL that you DO NOT want in yourself. This is called having 'healthy boundaries'. This is FREEDOM.

As we learn to be ourselves, we learn to HEAL ourselves as well as fighting for ourselves. Again - YOU have to DEFINE yourself in this world or the world will DEFINE you and decide your life for you. The same way I say it is good to care for Community, it is the MOST important thing to Care for Self. Why? Because again, if you came with big bad mentalities like me - you MUST understand that THAT is where your PRIORITIES are at - Solve those problems.

All this comes down to taking a stand. Make your effort - step by step. Be patient and Try and Try and Try - but always know - if you want to succeed, you have to be willing to 'pay the price' and YOU will know what exactly that is for YOU - I cannot tell you. Meditation improves the mind and no I'm not talking about any spiritual things or communication with spiritual entities. YES there is place for that but many are in delusion where that is concerned. I myself have a very special friend whom does that skill EXTREMELY well and it is productive, not destructive. But I make it clear that 99% of the people involved in that are fake/not really knowing what they're doing or they are being very destructive in the advice given. BE CAREFUL. This is why I only say to do meditation that 'shuts down the brain' and CLEANS OUT the GARBAGE babble of everyday life.


Meditation quiets the mind so you can DO the work, no matter what the work is. I do NOT believe in doing a lot of meditation (I used to do it 3 hrs a day) - I believe it is something you can just do once in while but take it seriously when you do it and remember - it's what WE DO in this lifetime that truly COUNTS. That starts with what we THINK - but our thoughts and our life is just a potential chance at making this life count. You HAVE the CHANCE and that is all you needed to be given. Dont expect help beyond that. Do the rest yourself. YOU CAN DO IT. RevFree may seem to touch on MANY MANY topics and just show a lot of DARK THINGS - but at the end of the day - if I could leave one message behind - it is this right here that I have taken the time to write so far.


I just want RevFree to impact this earth positively and if it is controversial in any ways, it will always be for a POSITIVE HEALTHY ideal. I dedicate REVFREE to ALL the humans on this earth whom have suffered and felt injustice. Perhaps with RevFree out in the world, there is SOME form of justice because I know it will plant seeds and just get people thinking - which in itself, as simple as it sounds, is really the REAL GOAL here - apart from me BUILDING A LIFE for myself with it. 

I want to stand up and say "Im no longer a starving artist" - I have had to work and work and I know anyone reading this - I know you can at least appreciate my work ethic even if you don't agree with my points. Being poor and being lied to - being in a constant state of instability while DOING EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to make a career work - has been my entire life. It's been a war. And I appreciate it now but I know one thing - I want to be the best. And I want to be the best at making MY ART, MY WAY - with it being AS SUCCESSFUL as can possibly be. I don't hide that - I am very direct about that - and I want to achieve its HIGHEST FORM of expression AS WELL as its highest reach all over the Earth as well as its DEEPEST IMPACT on the earth. 

I am an Independent Artist. I am... a Businessman.

I am Bryan Dass.

I had a certain amount of Torture in this life but I made the best of it - 

And when I leave this planet - I will say "I achieved all my dreams!"

I am grateful you took the time to read this. 

Take care.

And remember Soldier - keep your head up no matter what. Aight?

This entire page is summarized in the following statement:


It's REAL...It's RAW - It's rEvolution.


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