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Donate to Old Man Joe

Here, you can give support to the Old Man Joe production!

By donating money to me, I am able to work more on Old Man Joe & spread him far & wide!

This is the perfect and DIRECT way to make a difference by giving ANY AMOUNT of money you'd like !

Simply click on an option to give the donation below. I have several options planned. Right now, just PayPal.

PayPal is very secure.


Note: I plan to have options for Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, Wise, Etsy, Revolut & Upwork. Coming soon! 

Struggling as a starving artist all my life, and throughout my entire hard career, I realized the need to understand, appreciate and plan for money. That being said, it meant not only business planning but much more, including MAKING A WAY for people to help in any amount THEY could. Sometimes it's a small donation & sometimes it can be bigger. Sometimes it can be a One Time thing and other times, someone may choose to give more regularly. What matters is that I provide a PLACE to allow that to happen.


And that is why I made this page. Donations provide me with food (as basic as that sounds) and money to invest into building OMJ into an effective art that NEVER SELLS OUT! I want to remain TRUE to WHO he is, while still living a good, high quality life. 

Computer Maintenance is had as well as taking care of BILLS so that I can live independently !


Why Donate?

It is about the people who LOVE what I do, being able to BE A PART of what I do.

It's about bringing OMJ to as many Kids as possible, helping children to not just be entertained but to Value Themselves!

Donating shows the world that yes, the artist CAN win in the end - WITH the fans - the people who love the ART!

Let's WIN together guys!

Thank you for your Donation!

Click the 'Donate' button below.
It will open a new window to PayPal.
Make sure you are Signed In to PayPal there,
Then simply specify the amount you want to donate,
And SEND! 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


Sometimes, WORDS can mean a lot ! 

I appreciate any words of encouragement on this journey as well as any constructive critique.

I am always seeking to STAY TRUE to Old Man Joe, while improving him at the same time!

Let me know anything! Any ideas? Any help? How do you like OMJ? Kids, teens, adults - anybody!

Get in touch!
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Old Man Joe © 2022 Bryan Dass.

No duplication, reproduction, or reprinting of The Old Man Joe comic pages allowed without written permission from the author,

Bryan Dass.

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