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Old Man Joe Illustrations

Here are MANY of the OMJ illustrations by Bryan Dass.

Illustration is a part of my sharing the crazy world of OMJ!

Though most of the illustration is done digitally, there are several works with traditional inking!

Simply click a thumbnail & a new page will open with that illustration in high quality. If the image at first appears small, just click it to enlarge. You can close that new window to resume checking out the new artwork. If on MOBILE, just press 'Back' to return to this page.


Note: This page even has the OLD OMJ art I did from waaaay back 15 years ago!

I love to combine painting with abstract art with comic art with graphic design to make some very interesting pieces!

Soon, I will be offering these illustrations as Printed Posters ! 


Thank you for checking out the OLD MAN JOE illustrations on this OFFICIAL SITE. This helps support OMJ !

Just in case you ever need - I also have some other places you can view the OMJ illustrations at, linked at the bottom of this page.

New Illustrations

Here are the newest illustrations !

MagicalJoe01 thumb.jpg
Enlightened B. thumb.jpg

Illustrations Archive

Here is the FULL ARCHIVE of all the main OMJ illustrations I've done.

OMJ for copyright.thumb.jpg
OMJCOVER thumb.jpg
OldBDesign thumb.jpg
NewOmjDesign thumb..jpg
OldManJoePS thumb.jpg
MumblieJumblieJoe thumb.jpg
FirstOMJComic1 thumb.jpg
FirstFinalDesignJoe thumb.jpg
FirstDrawingJoe thumb.jpg

The very FIRST drawing of OMJ EVER! I was around

15 years old.

s6 (2).png
zteepublic-250 (1).png

Old Man Joe © 2022 Bryan Dass.

No duplication, reproduction, or reprinting of The Old Man Joe comic pages allowed without written permission from the author,

Bryan Dass.

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