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R  E  V  F  R  E  E         I  S         F  O  R         M  A  T  U  R  E         A  U  D  I  E  N  C  E  S         O  N  L  Y 


The Animation Will SOON
be available for viewing.

It took me 10 years to write the RevFree script as you saw on the comic page. You also saw that I had spent a lot of time on TrinEvolve Corporate work during that time, to try to self fund RevFree. I chose to make the RevFree comic because it WORKS OUT the visuals of the story so much better in order to properly execute it in the animation world. Pacing and direction would be worked out very well before-hand via making the comic. 

The comic will also be a longer version of the story, whereas the animated series will be a 'summarized' and even slightly different version of the story. This is not only a choice made to remain realistic in production goals but also - I wanted to make sure both products were different. The comic and the animated series are different and yet, WORK WITH ONE ANOTHER so fans of RevFree will LOVE both and get so much our of BOTH things. 

Below is a fun project I did as a test with a talented team of animators and other artists.
RevFree started out as AgriVenture, then turned into FreeVille and finally came to its final version of RevFree later on. All this over the course of 10 years. As you can see by the video below, it was made with humor and overt education as well as featuring live footage in a newscast manner. I was younger and well... still working things out & needed to mature quite a bit.

I tried with all my might back then to make a 'version' of my independent art that would seem investible by Funders. It wasnt long before I left that thinking behind and went full force with raw brutality about the story and threw away ANY desires for funding by companies or government. All in all, a fun experience & though it may seem like it is nothing like the RevFree of today - it is fun to see where and how it started out. Interesting to see how things evolve & again - i am grateful to all the wonderful artists whom worked on this trailer. We got it all done and showcased it in time. 

Video of a very old, early version of what would later become RevFree:

Below are a few animations of 'CHARACTER TURNAROUNDS'. 
Keep in mind, while these are indeed later versions of the character designs, they are not the FINAL DESIGNS. Designing is a journey though and without these turnarounds I would never have UNDERSTOOD the visual forms of the characters enough to improve them.

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